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About Us

About Us

about us

Medicado Sağlık A.Ş., which has become a quality in the medical world and updates its service program regularly. It was established on an area of ​​2000 square meters in total. Modern and high production facilities are located in the district of Esenyurt in Istanbul. Esenyurt facilities established in 2000 meters closed area are located in Organized industry. first place in the category leading manufacturer in Turkey Medicado is settled in the first row in order of preference sectoral sense.

Disposable Medical Product Sales

Medicado offers international non-woven approved quality, useful and practical product options in the disposable medical product category. The company designs a disposable medical product that can be used safely in laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, hospitals and food industry.

Disposable products produced in modern facilities are produced with professional devices without touching by hand after the test process. While the company renews its service quality in line with the current data, it offers the products needed by the sector for sale without sacrificing product quality. Medical products produced by hand are hygienically packaged without touching.

The company produces disposable masks in modern facilities. The company designs medical products that will seamlessly isolate viruses, microbes, microorganisms and chemicals. These masks made of meltblown / spunbond fabrics have antibacterial properties. It meets the needs of the medical world with multiple sales options in mask production. The company, which analyzes current medical data, continues to update its service program by following new developments.

Capping with antibacterial properties, kepler is a preferred product in the medical and disposable medical category. The company uses materials that are accepted in the international category and approved by the Ministry of Health, as in other products.

Medical products such as disposable sterile aprons, bones and overshoes are also included in the company's product catalog. This product, which is aesthetically pleasing and at the same time, is manufactured in modern facilities without human touch.

Law enforcement and medical cover products, which have the feature of isolation in the health world and in the food sector, are included in the category of disposable. Fabric options in accordance with the standards were preferred in all products. Coverings with isolation feature provide great convenience for healthcare workers thanks to their disposable feature.

Domestic and International Sales

By following the current medical need, Medicado achieves success in a row throughout the country and internationally. The company, which is at the top of the success chart in the medical world, increases its service quality day by day.

The company, which performs sales in the wholesale category, offers effective product options in the social distance category, which became mandatory in the pandemic category. The medical products of the company, which has antibacterial properties and provides maximum protection, can be used in all sectors that require hygiene.

Medicado offers practical buying options in the medical world by selling online. The company maintains its first place in the online medical world. It meets the needs of the medical world in the best way with current sales methods. In this category, it evaluates the expectations of health institutions and other institutions in the category of disposable medical products.


The company evaluates customer satisfaction in the first category. Increasing the service quality, adding new product options to the catalog and updating the service quality are among the most important duties of the company. Delivering disposable medical products produced specifically for our health, the company has made the disciplined production system its working principle.

Disposable products in the medical category produced in modern facilities are tested by a professional team. The company places emphasis on the team of experienced, experienced and competent staff. Improving service quality and producing systematically is one of the first main items of the service company's service program.

In the second stage, the subject of quality material is included. Having a professional team understanding, the company benefits from quality and special materials approved in this category. Besides the service quality, the quality of the disposable medical products is gaining importance. The company, which does not compromise on product quality and service quality, follows new developments in the world of medical medicine.

Acting with the needs of the medical world in mind, Medicado accelerates its R&D studies and signs new designs in this category. New medical products and new disposable medical products are presented to the customer in the R&D studies category.

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