FFP2 respirator Mask


N95 / FFP2 respirator Mask

1: The masks to be used by healthcare professionals to protect against COVID-19 are N95 / FFP2 and medical masks.

N95 / FFP2 masks should only be used during aerosol-containing procedures. These processes have been specified in previously prepared posters and brochures.

2: According to a meta-analysis * investigating the effectiveness of masks in COVID-19; It has been shown that medical masks are sufficient except for procedures involving aerosol, and N95 / FFP2 masks are required only for procedures involving aerosol. Multiple uses and prolonged use of N95 / FFP2 masks can be done as follows.

1. If it is visibly contaminated by respiratory or nasal secretions or other body fluids from patients, the N95 / FFP2 mask should be discarded.

2. Any N95 / FFP2 respirator that is clearly damaged or difficult to breathe should be discarded.

3. To reduce surface contamination, a medical mask or a cleanable face shield can be used on the N95 / FFP2 mask.

4. It can be used for 8 hours with passages between patients without removing the mask **.

5. For the reuse of personalized masks, the masks that are removed after hand hygiene can be wrapped in a breathable paper bag or paper towel and stored in a clean environment. The bag or towel should be changed after each use. It is not recommended to use plastic bags for this purpose. It should not be used more than 5 times in these storage conditions.

6. Clean (non-sterile) gloves should be used when wearing a used N95 / FFP2 mask. After the N95 / FFP2 mask is worn and the mask fits comfortably, the gloves should be removed and thrown into the waste bin.

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