KN95 FFP2 Respirator Mask


KN95 FFP2 Respirator Mask

Respirator Mask

Respirator, which provides isolation against epidemic diseases, plays an important role in preventing upper respiratory infection. This product, which is produced exclusively for the world of health in the medical product category, has a quality usage feature.

Breathing Mask Good Quality

Medi Cado manufactures this product, which is produced from special meltblown fabrics, in special machines without human touch. This product, which has a special thin fiber layer, does not encounter disintegration or tearing when it is moist. Physical problems such as expansion or mechanical breakage do not occur. The meltblown fabric, which is light in appearance but strong and durable, is the choice of the medical world.

This specially designed product minimizes the effect of moistening that occurs during breathing. It is moisture resistant and does not deform when wet. The folds in the front facilitate breathing and prevent the narrowing of the breath, providing comfortable breathing.

Heart patients, babies, pregnant women and anyone with chronic disease can use it safely. Asthma patients and other lung patients can also use this product without any problems. It does not have any feature to increase the risk of infection.

Practical Useful Breathing Mask

The folds in the front make it easier to breathe, and also play an important role in opening the mask up to the chin and nose level. The mask, which is opened to cover the mouth and nose completely, has a quality usage feature. This specially designed product is in standard sizes and easily adapts to any face structure.

This product, produced in special machines, is a practical product with a special design. Testing is carried out before the production phase. After the test process, mass production is started. Thanks to its special layers, it allows you to breathe easily by isolating the air in the best way.

Practical and healthy breathing mask has a wide range in terms of usage area. It is used for protection in the medical, cosmetic, cleaning and health sector. It is always a preferred medical product in the prevention of infectious diseases and elimination of harmful infections. The respiratory mask, which is the recommendation of the scientific board within the framework of the pandemic rules, has a single use feature.

Prevents Respiratory Infection

Viruses, bacteria, dust particles, chemicals and similar harmful microorganism types in the air are suspended in the air and descend into the lungs during breathing. Infectious viruses are primarily stuck in the throat and settle here. If the body cannot defeat the virus, the virus gets into the lungs and becomes more dangerous. The most practical way to prevent these viruses is to isolate with a respirator product.

These masks are used in every area without any problems since they have useful properties in terms of health. This product is also useful for those with infectious diseases. These masks are the best option so that the disease does not infect others outside. Those with infectious diseases act comfortably in social life thanks to this mask.

Providing effective protection in all places where respiratory risk occurs, this mask has a quality use feature. This mask is used without any problems in open or closed spaces.

Has a Convenient Design

This specially designed mask can be held on the front of the face through the tires on the sides. These tires are soft special tires that do not irritate the ear. Thanks to these specially designed tires on the sides, the mask fits seamlessly to any face shape.

Medi Cado, the fabric used for the specially designed respirator does not bear any threat to the skin. This product, which is made of special fabric that does not cause allergies and does not cause itching, does not irritate sensitive skin. There is no expansion in the fabric of the mask in cold weather or hot weather. Thanks to this feature of the fabric, the mask is used in all weather conditions without any problems.

This product, which does not cause itching or similar infections, does not cause sweating and similar conditions. Thanks to this feature, the quality of use is also increasing. The non-infectious fabric feature increases the quality of this product one more time. It is a product with much higher quality features than ordinary masks in terms of functional features.

It has an elegant design in terms of aesthetics. Being thin and light provides great convenience for the user. It is easy to carry and does not take up much space. You can easily carry it in your pocket. It is a healthy product with first class design in terms of usage quality. The usage category of this product, which is used safely in the business world, is quite wide.

It can be used safely in all places where breathing is risky. Due to its anti-bacterial fabric feature, it does not contain viruses, microbes or similar organisms. Harmful microorganisms produce

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