What is Surgical Mask?


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What is Surgical Mask?

What is Surgical Mask?


Due to the covid-19 outbreak, a variant of the corona virus that appeared in Wuhan, China in December 2019, many people came to the agenda for preventive mask use. Firstly, the corona virus, which manifests itself in the Far East, quickly spread to Europe and America. Covidien began to be seen in Turkey as of March 19 outbreak-has brought in several measures.

Mask Usage Requirement

Covidien-19 outbreaks due mainly making sure that people are social distance, applying the cleaning at the highest level, from time to time constraint applications curfew, the crowd in the current environment of closing applications and bringing the mask to use compulsory Turkey has also taken measures to virus outbreaks. One of the most necessary and vital of these measures is the use of compulsory masks. The necessity of everyone wearing masks in the street Turkey. There is a financial penalty for citizens who do not comply with this obligation.


What is a Mask?

The mask is a kind of protector that prevents physically, chemically and biologically dust, germs and particles from being affected by the respiratory tract. The use of masks is very common lately. Masks that are mandatory to use due to the virus epidemic are valid for everyone who has to go out on the streets. There are many different types of mask masks that protect people against chemical, physical and biological dust, epidemics and particles. Surgical masks are the most widely used types of masks with many different types.

What is Surgical Mask?

Surgical masks are masks that people often encounter. Surgical mask is also known as medical mask or face mask. Surgical mask, which is mostly used by healthcare workers until the Covid-19 epidemic, is a type of mask produced to be used to prevent bacteria transmitted by aerosol and liquid droplets in the mouth and nose of users. It is the most commonly used mask, especially in the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers generally use surgical masks to reduce the risk of infection in surgical operations.

Surgical mask is not a designed mask type to protect bacteria and viruses transmitted by airway. Masks made of different materials should be used to prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses by air. The purpose of the surgical mask is to reduce the risk of infection and to minimize the risks that may arise between the patient and the healthcare worker. However, the surgical mask is a mask whose purpose of use has been understood more recently.

Outbreak Mask Obligation

Surgical mask, also known as the medical face mask, is one of the types of masks that are compulsory to be used by the public apart from healthcare professionals due to the covid-19 virus, which has become widespread in recent months. For this reason, the use of surgical masks has become widespread, except for the purpose of using surgical masks. Covidien seen in Turkey as of March 19 outbreak-has made it compulsory to use the mask.

Request for Surgical Mask

The use of a surgical mask, which was made compulsory due to the Covid-19 outbreak, increased the demand for the mask. Increasing the demand for outbreak masks has also reduced the production of masks. Difficulty began to find mask. For this reason, surgical masks have started to be produced in homes, workshops and hospitals. The fact that people start producing with their own means is one of the measures to eliminate the surgical mask shortage. Despite this, the use of surgical masks is mandatory. Recently, there are difficulties in the production of the mask.

Surgical Mask Standards

Surgical mask, like other masks, is a type of mask that must be produced depending on the standards. Otherwise, unprotected masks do not help protect people from disease. For this reason, it is very important to produce my masks in accordance with the standards.

Surgical masks; It should be produced according to TSE- EN 14 236 standards. Surgical masks must also have a CE certificate. The purpose of the production of surgical masks is produced by professional people for use.

Surgical masks, which are used to reduce the effect of infection during surgical procedures, especially in operating rooms and medical settings, are products designed to reduce the risk of infection from patients to staff or from staff to patients. Surgical masks should be masks that comply with the required standards, especially made of two or three layers of paper or fabric. The use of surgical masks is limited to a few hours at most. Surgical masks that are not suitable for repeated use are produced for single use. Otherwise, the protection of the surgical mask is not safe.

The use of masks has become one of the most important issues recently. The use of masks that comply with the standards is an important issue in mask use.

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