Surgical Mask Features


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Surgical Mask Features

Surgical Mask Features

Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, the use of masks continues to increase. It is of great importance that masks, especially used by health workers, provide full protection. Surgical masks that are disposable are then discarded. Because once used, it cannot be re-evaluated. Surgical masks, which are generally handled for patient care and surgery, are now a product that every individual should use because they provide corona today. Surgical masks constitute an effective protective potential for viruses and bacteria transmitted via the airway over a certain distance.


 What are the Features of Surgical Mask?


 Surgical masks, which are prepared with quality material, protect against viruses and bacteria through inhalation thanks to their many features.


 - It is produced on non woven fabric technology,

 - With the thread that will be placed in the ear part after closing the face area, it does not feel uncomfortable due to its 'gipe' feature.

 - Some surgical masks are produced with 3-layer liquid-proof feature,

 - Even if the mouth and nose are covered, it has the potential to breathe easily with its breathable feature,


 Along with viruses and bacteria, they also have a structure that protects against dust and smoke. Each individual can safely and comfortably wear surgical masks during the day.


 Factors to Consider When Using Surgical Masks


 Surgical mask types, along with many technical and detailed features, eliminate the possibility of transmission during the epidemic. Of course, there are certain issues to be considered when using this mask. In general, healthcare professionals have extensive knowledge about the use of surgical masks. However, it should be paid attention to the hygienic hands before wearing a mask on behalf of the individuals who will use it individually. These masks, which can be used by both adults and children, are disposable.


 Especially thanks to its high quality material and effective protection structure, the use of more surgical masks against the virus epidemic should be emphasized. The mask that has become moist must be changed. Thus, precautions are taken against possible irritation problems. Therefore, surgical masks must be used once in order to create a hygienic structure in every respect.


 Using Surgical Mask


 Surgical masks suitable for daily use are produced under a structure that is fully compatible with the facial area. It provides an effective protection against the virus which hangs in the air for a long time. Moreover, since glass fiber does not contain tissue, it does not cause any damage to the skin. In addition to its quality and useful structure, it also has a material structure that will not cause allergies.


 In particular, surgical masks have become a part of everyday life. Therefore, surgical masks with a filter known as BFE prevent the droplets of mouth that occur during sneezing or coughing from getting into the air. Thus, in addition to offering practical use, viruses and bacteria that will hang in the air are prevented. This significantly protects healthy people who may be sick.


 Surgical Mask for Use Everywhere


 Surgical masks should be used everywhere today, due to airborne corona virus contamination. It is possible to say that it should be evaluated more intensely especially in proportion to air pollution. Outside, at work, in supermarkets or any closed area, the mouth and nose should be evaluated closed. With the features and privileges it provides, surgical masks become more prominent due to the epidemic. However, care should be taken not to leave any gaps, especially when evaluating masks for use. In addition, the mask should not be touched in any way and, when touched, hands should be washed in a careful way.


 Quality and Safe Surgical Masks


 Surgical masks produced under a quality and safe structure in all respects are products that provide important disposable protection during the day. Surgical masks, which are prepared under a structure that will cover the mouth and nose properly, offer the opportunity to absorb viruses and bacteria that are invisibly small, which will be released into the air during sneezing and coughing.


 For this reason, when surgical masks are used, they should be discarded carefully without being touched. Surgical masks, which are important to prevent the droplets from spreading outside, are produced under wire or wireless design. Washing and reusing of surgical masks that have a skin-friendly structure is also quite wrong. With the constant use of healthcare professionals, it has become an obligation in daily life.

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