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How to Understand Surgical Mask?

How to Attach a Surgical Mask?


Surgical masks generally used by healthcare workers have become an important part of daily life due to the covid-19 virus epidemic today. Surgical masks, which constitute an important potential in order to prevent the possibility of contamination both to the individual and to the other side, must be used correctly. Production is handled under a special structure in order to protect many individuals during the epidemic together with health units. It also prevents the transmission of inflammatory diseases, body fluids and particulate matter that pass through the air.


How to Attach a Surgical Mask?


It is very important to wear or attach the surgical mask correctly. The mouth and nose must be carefully closed from all angles without touching the airway. First of all, the bent part of the mask in the nose section should be considered. Care should be taken to keep this rigid but bendable section up. In most masks, while the inner surface is white, the outer part may be a different color. When wearing the mask, it is important to handle the white part with the face.


In general, the placement parts of surgical masks can make a difference. These include ear loops, laces and ribbons as well as banded designs. However, due to the current covid-19 outbreak, surgical masks with the design of ear rings for daily life are evaluated. Therefore, by holding the mask by the ear loops, one should put the rubber in one ear while the other should be placed carefully behind the ear. It should definitely be placed over the rubber without touching the mask.


Things To Be Considered About The Use Of Surgical Mask


Many people wonder what should be considered for the surgical mask. Because it is very important to handle and use these special masks correctly. In order for the viruses to not touch the mouth and nose by air, they should be evaluated correctly.


- Firstly, hands should be washed carefully with soap and water,

- Hands should be wiped carefully using towel paper,

- The mask removed from the box should be taken care of whether it is faulty, punctured or torn,

- It should be noted that it has been used before,


By paying attention to these elements, it is possible to be ready to put on or wear a surgical mask.


Carefully placing the surgical mask on the face


One of the most important issues is undoubtedly to put the surgical mask carefully on the face. In this direction, the nose and the mouth and chin parts come to the fore. First of all, it is necessary to start from the section of this. After the mask is placed on the face, the upper part can be bent and the hard part must be placed on the nasal bone. To do this, the index and thumb should be used. Thus, a smooth and problem-free surgical mask can be placed.


Finally, when the mask completely covers the face, it is necessary to pay attention to the chin part. Adjustments should be made to the chin to ensure that the mask is fully inserted. Care should be taken to place the lower part under the chin. To ensure this, adjustment can be made carefully in front of the mirror.


Surgical Masks with Special Design


It is suitable to use surgical masks in daily life, as it fits the face area completely. In addition to providing strong protection, it prevents the viruses suspended in the air from touching the mouth and nose. Moreover, since the glass does not contain fiber texture, it has a skin-friendly structure. In addition to creating a useful structure with quality material, every person can use it healthily thanks to the material that does not cause allergies.


Especially the fact that surgical masks have filters known as BFE prevents the droplets of mouth from spreading into the air during sneezing or coughing. Thus, it prevents the transmission of bacteria and viruses to the people through air inhalation. The use of a surgical mask eliminates the risk of contagion to the other party, especially since the covid-19 outbreak does not show any symptoms in some patients.


Surgical Mask Features


Surgical masks provide superior protection as they are produced with a non-woven fabric structure. At the same time, it does not feel any discomfort in the ear section thanks to its 'gipe' feature in the tire section. As it has 3 times liquid-proof feature, it creates an effective protection potential in all areas. In addition, surgical masks that provide protection against many effects such as dust and smoke can be used easily during the day. The important thing is to wear the surgical mask and tie it correctly.

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